Plant construction

Plant construction Andrea July 5, 2022
Realization of customized systems
SIGMA PRESSE Ltd manufactures special systems upon complete customer request. utomatic systems with interlocking, semi-automatic systems and complete production lines.

The systems for the production of counterweights for household appliances in inert material are state-of-the-art, complete and automatic for the production of counterweights starting from the automatic loading of the basic product, automatic volume adjustment, automatic unloading of molded pieces, storage of the various pieces on tables and storage of the boards in special racks that develop in height to contain the occupied space.

The dies for hot curves are automatic systems that are used to form curves from 8 “to 48” and thicknesses up to 50 mm through high temperatures and pressures. These machines are intended for manufacturers of large forged fittings.

The systems for pipe production are composed of sheet metal joining machines, pre bending, bending, tack – welding, welding and calibrating machines for the production of steel pipes, from 8 “to 72” in diameter and thickness up to 70 mm, with different types of materials.

The Tack-welding machine is a machine used to make welding points on the external, longitudinal diameter of the pipes to be joined after the bending phase. The machine can work in two variants: spot welding, i.e. with interruptions, or carry out a continuous welding. The diameter of the pipes can vary from 8 “to 72” and thicknesses up to 70 mm. SIGMA PRESSE Ltd also realizes a semiautomatic tack – welding for smaller dimensions and limited productions.

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